Nimbatus is a game where you can craft your own drones and explore an endless procedurally generated universe. You can travel the universe in a turn based fashion and encounter and interact with various space dwellers. On your journey you will find hundreds of different items and research groundbreaking new technology.

You can use these items and technology to craft drones that can be used to fight off attackers, invade remote planets, explore abandoned space stations or participate in drone races.
The drones are freely customizable and they interact physically correct with the fully destructible environment.

  • Endless procedurally generated universe
  • Planets with fully destructible smooth landscape
  • Crafting System to build your own drones and weapons
  • Hundreds of different parts and weapons to enhance your drones
  • Epic Bossfights
  • Fast Drone-Races
  • Different Factions to gain reputation and unlock rewards

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