Get nostalgic with the Nimbatus experience of 2017, when we released this demo during our successful kickstarter campaign.

Key features:

– Unlimited physically simulated legacy parts to construct your drones.
– A limited variety of missions.
– Autonomous drone programming using logic and sensor parts.
– The Sumo Testing Arena for autonomous Drone Battles.
– The unique Battle Arena Mode which is exclusive to this Demo.

If you have an older Windows XP / Vista you can download a 32Bit version of the demo here.

Please note: This Demo lets you build drones using a limited range of parts from Nimbatus - The Space Drone
Constructor. It does include a procedural generated galaxy with a limited variety of misions. Drones can not be
exported and used in Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor as it contains legacy parts.

We also have an older demo from 2016 which you can check out here:

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