Drone Building

This week I worked on different drone parts which can be accessed in the drone workshop. Additionaly based on last weeks feedback I changed the colour palette of the drone parts to achieve a more metallic look and feel instead of the green and white colours. More feedback is requested 😉

Drone Workshop Update

As you can see in the screenshot, I added three new base drone parts to the game:

  • Fuel Tanks (green container)
  • Motorized Hinges (large hexagons)
  • Free Hinges (small hexagons)

They basically do what their name suggests. Fuel tanks are used to store fuel, which is consumed by thrusters to keep the drone moving. To make it easy to see the current fuel level the tanks empty themselves visually while burning the fuel. Free hinges can be combined together to create something like a rope or cable. Motorized hinges however are stronger and can carry more weight than free hinges and they can be rotated by pressing the binded key.

Keep in mind that these are just base drone parts, there will be many different variations of all drone parts with their own advantages and disadvantages. However I already had alot of fun to build drones with just the basic drone parts and fly them around as you can see in the next two images 😉

Free Hinge


The next improvement I’m currently working on are additional weapon modules. At the moment the laser based weapons are the only ones implemented,  but there is much more to come. For example projectile weapons, rocket and grenade launchers, mine throwers, flame throwers and other chemical weapons which can all be modified in the weapon workshop and built into the drones.

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