Support Nimbatus

Dear Space Traveller

Thank you so much for coming here!
Nimbatus was just fully released on Steam after 1.5 years of Early Access 😀
Please help us to let as many people as possible know about the launch, so our studio can survive and continue to make games we love!

Here is what you can do to help:

[On Steam]

    • If possible, please buy the game on launch day (May 14th) on Steam!
    • If you own  Nimbatus already, you could gift a copy to a friend 🙂
    • Please leave a review in the Steam store
    • Play the game on Steam on May 14th and during launch week

It’s important to sell many copies in the first few hours/days, so that the Steam algorithm picks Nimbatus up and shows it to more people. Reviews and playing the game help with that too!

[On Social Media]

    • Retweet the launch tweet
    • Share the launch announcement on Facebook (works best if you add a sentence why you like the game)  
    • Post about Nimbatus on Twitter, Facebook, Imgur, Reddit, Instagram, 9GAG, etc.

Write whatever you like! Congrats on the launch, what you like about the game, what it reminds you off etc.
If you make a post, feel free to grab a cool image/ video/ gif from our presskit.

[Contact people]

    • Inform your favorite news site about Nimbatus
    • Inform your favorite Streamer / Youtuber about Nimbatus

You could tag people in a post we did on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,  reach out via email, comment on Youtube, etc.)
We’ll gladly provide Steam keys for them to check out the game 🙂

We greatly appreciate your help!
If you have any questions, you can always reach in our forums or via email.

Cheers & Thanks,
Your Stray Fawn Team